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GC-1001 handheld metal detectors that

Supply GC-1001 handheld metal detectors GC-1001 handheld metal detector is a small hand-held metal detector, handheld metal detector is a special security screening tool.
Its ease of use, without any adjustment controller, fast response to detect metal objects, sounds and LED LED alarm at the same time.  Metal detecting smaller when the clear tone of the lower frequency sound, the metal detection when the clear tone of the lower frequency sound, detecting a large metal objects at a high pitch of the audio.

1、is simple and convenient. 
2、part of a non-slip grip for easy work.
3、operation without direction - to detect when the metal, both positive and negative Alert can be issued a red warning lights
4、low battery consumption - is the current standby to zero, when the work is less than 1 mA.
5、high accuracy and sensitivity - can accurately detect small metal objects (0.1 g or even less).
6、the battery voltage - prompted the system to detect power, battery failure, lack of voltage, when the voltage is not sufficient when the metal detection will be bright red Alert, showed that the replacement battery.
7、will produce different sizes under the metal alarm tone, in the noisy environment may be an external headphone.

Product parameters:
1、Dimensions: length 410 mm x 85mm
2、the power: 9 v laminated standard alkaline batteries
3、alarm mode: alarm sound and light synchronization
4、product weight: 350 g

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